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01.PRETTIES, France. February 2015 PRETTIES, France. February 2015
02.COSMOPOLITAN, France. March 2015COSMOPOLITAN, France. March 2015


04.ELLE KIDS, Italy. March 2015ELLE KIDS, Italy. March 2015


05.ELLE KIDS, Italy. March 2015_2 ELLE KIDS, Italy. March 2015


06.DOOLITTLE, France. March 2015 DOOLITTLE, France. March 2015


06.GLAMOUR, Italy. March 2015 GLAMOUR, Italy. March 2015


07.PLAZA KVINNA, Sweden. March 2015PLAZA KVINNA, Sweden. March 2015


08.YO DONA, Spain. March 2015 YO DONA, Spain. March 2015


09.YO DONA, Spain. March 2015_2 YO DONA, Spain. March 2015


10.COSMOPOLITAN, United Kingdom. April 2015 COSMOPOLITAN, United Kingdom. April 2015


11.AMANG, South Korea. May 2015
AMANG, South Korea. May 2015


12.COSMOPOLITAN, Italy. June 2015COSMOPOLITAN, Italy. June 2015


13.INK MAGAZINE, Spain. June 2015 INK MAGAZINE, Spain. June 2015


14.MILL, South Korea. July 2015 MILL, South Korea. July 2015


15.AMANG, South Korea. August 2015 AMANG, South Korea. August 2015


16.BEST BABY, South Korea. September 2015BEST BABY, South Korea. September 2015

Let’s start the celebration!

Last Monday one of the first events of celebration of our 100th anniversary took place in Milano: our birthday party!

The event was held at Leclettico, a creative space in the Italian fashion capital, which is frequented by trendsetters and artists.

During the evening, more than 300 attendees enjoyed several concerts and a DJ session and they had the chance of joining a tatoo workshop.

Here you have some photos of the experience. We hope you like them!








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