Victoria & IED Madrid

This season , we’ve collaborated for the third year running with IED Madrid where students from the master’s in Motion Graphics Design have worked in an audiovisual project inspired in the beginnings of the brand 100 years ago.

The results of this collaboration between Victoria and IED are different spots/videos with incredible results in terms of originality, technique and design.

Today, we present the video of Adriana and Rita. In their own words: “this is a love story… but one of love in general. We talk about the memories of a lifetime, those moments which leave a mark on us and stay forever in our minds. Because life is about walking and love is just the first step… Victoria keeps gifting love”.

Keep updated, because in the next weeks we will post the rest of the works. Congrats!

Victoria Music & Ochoymedio Club

In the past months at Victoria we’ve celebrated several parties at the Ocho y Medio club in Madrid, Spain. This cooperation is part of our Victoria Music project, which this year is especially relevant because we’re celebrating our centenary: 100 years since the birth of Victoria!

During several weekends we’ve sponsored nights with good music by the most recognized DJs of the Spanish indie scene, special decoration, photocall and exclusive contests in the club.

Furthermore, our followers could win VIP tickets through several contests in our social media.

Thanks a lot for joining us! Click here and don’t miss the photos!



At Victoria we keep celebrating our 100 years of first love, a century since Gregorio fell in love with Victoria and decided to create a shoe named as his love.

On the 13th of July we’re giving a thematic party in a place where lots of love stories were born: Nasty Mondays in the club Apolo in Barcelona. During the night, which will be set in THE LOVE BOAT, the famous TV series of the 70s and 80s, we will raffle invitations to an exclusive, private, open sea party where a catamaran will ride the waves with lots of surprises, the best music, prizes, food, drink, etc. What’s the grand, final prize? A trip to Ibiza for two!!

See you in open sea…

Barbie by VICTORIA

Victoria Shoes has recently collaborated with Barbie, designing an exclusive shoe inspired by the doll. This collaboration has been carried out because of a very special occasion for Barbie: for the first time in more than five decades, the doll will be able to kick off her stilettos and opt for a pair of comfy flats thanks to her new adjustable ankles.

The doll is a social fashion icon and seeks to represent the wishes and aspirations of each little girl. Barbie has also been dressed in many occasions by very famous world designers.

At Victoria we have redesigned one of our platform shoes exclusively for Barbie. This model is one of our most iconic ones and the miniature will be replicated in a 3cm small size so that it can perfectly fit in the delicate doll’s feet.

Do you like the model? Here you have some similar Victoria’s shoes!